Kapil Dev Biography Career, Wife, Age, Daughter

Kapil Dev Biography, Kapil Dev 1983 World Cup, Kapil Dev Wife
Kapil Dev Biography, Kapil Dev 1983 World Cup, Kapil Dev Wife
[Ranveer Singh Movie “83” based on India Winning ODI world cup in 1983]

( Kapil Dev Biography, Kapil Dev 1983 World Cup, Kapil Dev Wife, Age, Son, Jersey Number, Net Worth, School, Movie)

Kapil Dev Biography Career, Wife, Age, Daughter:- Kapil Dev is one such name in the world of cricket, who has a high and respectable status in cricket. This great player had done the work of bringing the Cricket World Cup to India for the first time, which no one had even dreamed of at that time. He played the role of India’s coach for 10 months between 1999 and 2000.

This cricketer, known as Haryana Toofan, was never seen running out on the cricket pitch. This player had paid so much attention to his fitness that he was never dropped from a Test match due to his health. Apart from being a right-handed batsman, Kapil Dev was also a right-arm fast bowler, who liked to score fast runs.

Kapil Dev Biography

Full Name- Kapil Dev Nikhanj
Born- 6 January 1959 Chandigarh, India
Age – 63 years
Height – 1.83 meters i.e. 6 feet
Net worth – Rs 191.65 crore (2017)
Father’s Name-Ramlal Nikhanj
Mother’s Name- Princess
First Test Match – Pakistan vs India in Faisalabad (1978)
First ODI match – Pakistan vs India at Quetta (1978)
High Score ODI Match – 175 not out (Batting)
ODI Match Bowling – 234 wickets
High Score Test Match – 163 runs (Batting)
Test Match Bowling – 434 wickets
Kapil Dev Biography, Kapil Dev 1983 World Cup, Kapil Dev Wife

Birth and Education of Kapil Dev

This great player was born in Chandigarh, a very famous city of Punjab. He did his early education from D.A. V. Started from school and went to St. Edward’s College for graduation. Seeing his interest and talent in sports, he was sent to Desh Prem Azad to learn cricket.

Kapil Dev Family, Wife, Daughter

When India and Pakistan were being separated, at that time his family started living in Fazilka (India) from Rawalpindi (Pakistan). It was here that his father Ramlal Nikhanj did wood business. His mother Rajkumari, who belonged to Pakpattan Pakistan, was a housewife.

There were seven siblings in all, out of which four were sisters, three were brothers, while he was in the sixth position. After some time his parents thought it appropriate to live in the capital of Punjab. He was married in 1980 to a woman named Romi Bhatia. After 17 years, a girl was born to them, who was named Amiya Dev.

Kapil Dev Cricket Career Details

Kapil Dev’s career started from 1975. When he played a match for Haryana against Punjab, in which Kapil Dev gave Haryana a resounding victory with 6 wickets, bundling Punjab for 63 runs.
In the year 1976-77, he took 08 wickets and scored 36 runs in a match against Jammu and Kashmir and he scored 07 wickets and 20 runs against Bengal in the same year. His talent became visible to everyone in both these matches.

After this, he started playing Test matches in the year 1978. He played his first international test match against Pakistan. In this match, Kapil Dev scored only 13 runs, although he also took 1 wicket.
Kapil Dev played an unbeaten inning of 193 against Delhi in 1979-1980 with excellent batting and gave Haryana a resounding victory. This was the first century of his career. After which it was proved that Kapil Dev can win India not only with bowling but also with batting. Due to both his talents, he is considered the best all-rounder ever.

On October 17, 1979, he scored 126 runs in 124 against the West Indies. This is counted as one of his memorable innings.

Kapil Dev Captaincy Period

At that time, in 1982-83, India had gone to play a match with Sri Lanka. But officially he got a chance to become the captain in the ODI series being held in West Indies. At that time the West Indies team had a lot of sway, which means it was impossible to defeat the West Indies team at that time.

And with the help of Sunil Gavaskar’s brilliant innings, India defeated the West Indies in a match. In that match, Sunil Gavaskar, who was his fellow player, scored 90 runs. While Kapil Dev scored 72 runs as well as took 2 wickets. Due to this victory, the confidence of India to beat West Indies in the upcoming World Cup increased. Which was seen in securing the World Cup.

Kapil Dev 1983 World Cup

After that came the time of 1983 World Cup. However, after seeing the performance of the Indian team in the last World Cup, no one expected that India could win the World Cup. When Kapil Dev started playing in the World Cup, his average: 24.94 was just like a normal bowler.

It was necessary for India to win the match against Zimbabwe to reach the semi-finals. During that match, India was almost heading towards defeat that Kapil Dev handled the match due to his brilliant batting. During this match, he scored 175 runs and washed away the bowling of Zimbabwe, because he scored these runs in only 138 balls. In which he hit 22 boundaries, 16 fours and 6 sixes.

The biggest partnership of 126 runs for the 9th wicket was between Kirmani (22 runs) and Kapil Dev, which could not be broken by anyone for 27 years. Not only this, Kapil Dev also took 5 wickets of Zimbabwe while bowling brilliantly in this match.

After this, Kapil Dev got Mercedes car as a prize, this innings was the most memorable and important innings of his life. Who made him great in everyone’s eyes. Thanks to this match, India found a way to travel to victory in the 1983 World Cup. Due to the BBC strike during the 1983 World Cup, this match could not be telecasted and cricket lovers could not enjoy this match.

India had to defeat the West Indies in the final to win the 1983 World Cup. India created history by winning this World Cup to be held in England in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev. It is said that due to this brilliant performance, India also emerged as a star in the world of cricket. At this time India is seen at a different level. Not only this, India has won all kinds of trophies till now.

Kapil Dev Biography, Kapil Dev 1983 World Cup, Kapil Dev Wife

Bad phase of Kapil Dev’s career (Turning Point)

After that in 1984, a series of ODI matches was organized along with Test matches with the West Indies. In which India was badly defeated. At the same time, this was the worst time in Kapil Dev’s career, due to which the selectors decided to remove him from the post of captaincy and Gavaskar was made the captain again.

After this, Kapil Dev was made the captain in 1987, in which India reached the semi-finals. But India failed to win the World Cup by losing to England and everyone blamed Dev for this. Once again the captaincy was snatched from him and given to Gavaskar, this was the last journey of his captaincy. After which he never got a chance to become the captain. Although in 1989 the vice-captain was definitely made.

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Kapil Dev as a Coach

BCCI appointed him as India’s coach but due to some controversy, he resigned only after 10 months. It is said that he was accused of match-fixing after India lost the series 2-0 to Australia. Due to which he resigned from his post to avoid all these baseless allegations.

Kapil Dev Awards and Achievements

  • Due to his good performance in cricket in the year 1979-80, he was given the Arjuna Award given by the Government of India. The government gives these awards to those players who have made outstanding contribution in any field of sports.
  • During his 1982, seeing Kapil Dev’s talent and passion, India also gave him the Padma Shri award. Not only this, he was awarded the Wisden Cricketer of the Year after one year i.e. in 1983, the basis of which is considered to be his tremendous performance in the World Cup.
  • In 1994, he broke Richard Hadlee’s record of taking the most wickets in Test cricket. Not only this, along with 400 wickets in Test cricket, he is the highest player in the world so far to complete his 4000 runs in Test cricket.
  • In 1991, the highest award like Padma Bhushan was given to honor the contribution and dedication of Kapil Dev. After this, in the year 2002, by giving the honor of Wisden Indian cricketer of the century, his status was further increased in the world of cricket.
  • In 2010, his talent was given an honorable status by giving the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame award. Three years later, in 2013, India was given the title of 25 Greatest Global Living Legends by NDTV.
  • To join the Indian Army, Kapil Dev took the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Territorial Army in 2008. He did this because of having more respect for the Indian Army.

Film based on the life of Kapil Dev

This film is going to be released in theaters on December 23. In which you will get complete information about the life of Appeal Dev as well as about the 1983 Cricket World Cup.

Kabir Khan, the famous director of Indian cinema, has started the work of making Kapil Dev’s biopic. When Kapil Dev was asked which actor should be given your character, he took the name of Ranveer Singh. Along with Phantom Production and Anurag Basu, other people have also put their money on this film. In which Ranveer Singh will be seen acting in the role of Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev Wife, Love Story

With bowling and batting, Kapil Dev used to confuse even the biggest cricketers. But there came a time in his life when he used to be in headlines for his affair and relationship. There was a time when Kapil Dev’s name was associated with a beautiful Bollywood actress. After being together for some time, suddenly Kapil Dev and that actress had a breakup. After which Romi Bhatia entered Kapil Dev’s life.

Kapil Dev had emerged as a formidable player of India. At that time, his name was associated with Kamal Haasan’s ex-wife and Bollywood’s well-known actress Sarika. It is said that Kapil Dev and Sarika met each other because of Manoj Kumar, after which both started coming close to each other and their affair got covered in the news. Both were about to marry each other but according to a news of Hindustan Times, Kapil Dev had introduced Sarika to his parents as well but after a few days the news of their breakup started coming to the fore.

Many reasons are given for the breakup of Kapil Dev and Sarika. But at that time it was said that there is someone else in Kapil Dev’s life because of which his relationship with Sarika was broken. Later it was revealed that Kapil Dev and Sarika had a breakup because of Romi Bhatia. Romi Bhatia and Kapil Dev met each other because of Sunil Bhatia. On seeing Romi Bhatia, Kapil Dev fell in love with her. Meanwhile, the closeness of Sarika and Kamal Haasan started increasing.

According to some reports, there was already Romi Bhatia in Kapil Dev’s life. But, due to misunderstanding, both of them got separated. During this, Sarika’s entry took place in Kapil Dev’s life. But when the misunderstanding between Romi Bhatia and Kapil Dev was cleared, then Kapil Dev married Romi.

Interesting facts of Kapil Dev’s life

To do business, Kapil Dev opened two restaurants in 2006 under the name of Captain’s Eleven, one in Chandigarh and the other in Patna, which he manages himself.
Kapil Dev is one sportsperson who has played cameo roles in more than two films. Whose names are ‘Iqbal’, second ‘Mujhse Shaadi Karogi’ and ‘Ye Dillagi Hai’. Not only this, recently there are reports of a film being made on Kapil Dev.
Kapil Dev is also very interested in writing books, so he has written three autobiographies so far, namely ‘God’s Decree’, ‘Cricket My Style’ and ‘Straight from My Heart’.

Kapil Dev Biography FAQ

Q: Who is Kapil Dev?

Ans: Indian former cricketer

Q: How old is Kapil Dev?

Ans: 63 years

Q: When was Kapil Dev born?

Ans: On January 6, 1959

Q: What is the name of Kapil Dev’s wife?

Ans: Romi Bhatia

Q: How many children does Kapil Dev have?

Ans: Only one girl

Q: What is the name of Kapil Dev’s daughter?

Ans: Amiya Dev

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